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City Plan by Henry Kliger

Age 7 (Grade 1)

Drawing of pretend city overlaid with train tracks and buildings designed for indoor play.
City Plan
  • First, I drew a plan of my city with buildings, roads, bike paths, a tram line, parks, and so forth.

  • Then, I drew a grid on top of my plan.

  • Then, we took all the furniture out of our living room.

  • Next, we rolled big rolls of brown paper on the living room floor and added a grid to the paper.

  • Next, I transferred the plan onto the big paper. 

    • I built the hospital, fire station and police station out of legos.

    • I added my playmobile school and wooden castle.

    • I used my magna tiles to build a lake, a park and a shopping center.

    • I used my kaplas to build apartment buildings.

    • I used wooden blocks to build houses and farms.

    • I used my train set for the tram line and added tram stops.

    • I used red blocks for fire hydrants.

    • I used green post its for the bike path.

    • I added my toy cars, animals and lego people.

    • I printed out and glued on traffic signs.

    • I wrote the street names on each road and added arrows for the direction.

  • Then I painted the roads grey and the woods green.

  • Finally, I drew an underground map for all the utilities. I looked online which colors are used for gas, water, sewer, and internet.

  • I really like playing in my town.


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