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Near to the Ground by George Vendura

I'm a great admirer of Pam Howell who is in charge of the children's ministry at the First Religious Society. We've collaborated on several COVID Sunday Zoom sessions with my contributing videos of Mr. Juniper, my lovebird, doing tricks...playing basketball, charging through tunnels, playing pirate.... Pam explained afterwards how these small, perhaps dismissible, clips were actually vital in providing her charges with some level of comfort. She impressed me with how frustrated, lonely and confused the especially young ones are in this.  

It's been a long time since I have had the opportunity to see, share and relate to little ones, and it was such a refreshing joy to again see life through their innocent eyes and experience such incredibly simple - but precious - moments together.  It inspired me to think, to remember...and then to write.  

Near to the Ground is the result.  

Near to the Ground

When I lived much closer,

So near to the ground

I noticed the ants

And marbles I found

Spiders were awesome,

Snakes under rocks

Jawbreakers and bubbles

And holes in my socks.

Two scabs on my knees,

How dirty my toes

First grade recitals

And times-table woes.

Stars were so many,

The clouds all had wings,

Skates, frogs and kites were

Such wonderful things.

Oh, life was so good,

So full and so sound

When I was a wee one

And lived near the ground.

blue glass marbles


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