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Opposite Sauce, a poem by Rebecca Bishop

I think this one already says it all. A poem that I wrote in a dark time as a spot of light.  

Cake with pink frosting
Opposite Sauce

Pink cake frosting, pickle juice

A small blue flower and a buffalo tooth

mix in iron and whisper a secret

smell your socks then vigorously beat it!

This motion makes a potion sauce!

so if you're seeking things you've lost

down the draft and lick the cup

suddenly what's down is up!

It makes hot things cold and cold things hot

and things that used to are, are not

watch it turn orange bluer!

Since you'll be me, and I'll be you -er

And what specifically can it do for you?

it takes your dreams and makes them true

it remembers things that you've forgotten

and un-rots feelings that feel rotten

It rights the wrongs and wrongs the rights

it lightens up the darkest nights

it especially works to make amends

to un-make un-friends into friends

what you need is a change of heart!

opposite sauce will do some part -

but the trick is knowing when to forgive

go topsy-turvy to live and let live

and better off are the ones who're trying!

switching gravity so they go flying!

they poked their ballast full of holes,

and let a lightness in their souls.

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