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Virtual Traveling Sketchbook by Debbie Bentley

In August 2020, like every other August, I should have been in Scotland visiting my now 93 year old mother, but could not travel due to the pandemic. I have been chatting with Mum every evening during the lockdown, but she was running out of issues to talk about, as she lost her remaining sight during the closure and was feeling a bit down. In an effort to cheer both Mum and myself up I started to sketch places that both she and I had visited around the globe to, so that everyday  I could tell her what I had drawn and we could recollect on what we had experienced in different counties. The text comes from the posts that I shared  with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. 

My aim was to complete a drawing a day. I didn’t quite make it, (only 26, instead of 31) but here is the summary of our trip around the globe in August 2020.

Download PDF • 13.72MB


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