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We’ll Meet Again by Debbie Bentley and Marinna Kaufman

Image of homemade poppies forming a heart and the words "we'll meet again" on town green
We'll Meet Again

On  8th May 1945 WW2 in Europe ended. May 8th 2020 is a day to celebrate 75 years of peace in Europe, and to honor “The Greatest Generation” who sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy freedom. Today these selfless men and women who are still with us are now vulnerable  to Covid-19, so we are social distancing to protect them. 

Marinna Kaufman, and Debbie Bentley completed the installation with much of this in mind. The words “ We’ll Meet Again” are from the famous WW2 song by Vera Lynn, and equally resonate during the pandemic. The hearts represent the love that now exists between European Countries, and the special relationship with the USA.

Close up image of homemade poppies forming a heart on town green
Poppy Heart

Image of homemade poppies forming a heart beneath a sign that reads We love ourrr Drs, SNs, CNAs, Police & Fire Depts, Food & Transportation Workers
First Responders Heart


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